oAnytime a group of friends come together to have a night party, one of the toughest things that could be hindrance is how they will get to the party venue. You need to know that the higher the number of people in a group, the more vehicles required for transportation and each of the vehicles will have its own chauffeur that will help in mixing the drink for the passengers’ safety. Having this in mind, My San Antonio Limo company offers a particular kind of San Antonio Limo services that is called party bus limo.

Many people do not know that this kind of party bus limo are in existence to the extent that they cannot rent one for a single night together with a professional driver that will help to drive them to anywhere of their choice. My San Antonio Limo company know fully well the constant need for party limo bus when it comes to a large group and ready to offer varieties of its several limo buses in different sizes together with its basic amenities which will totally cater for the need of each group.

The party bus of My San Antonio Limo combines the functionality of the small bus to the extravagant perks found in the high class of limousines. Based on the size and model of the party bus, the limo buses can have kitchens, mini bars, quality sound, dance floors and video systems in addition to some other amenities which are totally lacking in the normal moving vehicle. Aside that, we have driver controlled door and window lock system for safety purpose. Our large party limo bus can accommodate about a dozen of people if required while some can contain more than twenty people at once.

The major purpose of our party bus limo is to move the people round while the party is on. This usually takes place and enjoyed most at night and this party could be sweetened as the bus stop at some similar establishments or nightclubs. What makes the use of this party bus most interesting is the long ride all round the city while the passengers enjoy themselves inside the bus as the party is on.